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SFN2010 Neuroblogging List

So today the list of “official” SFN neurobloggers was released at the SFN website. And it immediately created a bit of an uproar. My initial beef was that I couldn’t ever seem to find the SFN blogging info without using Google. And also, I would like to know which other bloggers will be writing about SFN but I can’t seem to find this info.

For my part, Functional Neurogenesis is slated to post on the Theme A topic, development. But I will also post on more general topics in the neurobiology of behavior (mainly in animals – e.g. place cells, plasticity, structural or functional correlates of behavior). Posts are to be at least daily, following SFN’s guidelines. Which (if you know my frequency) means I will be taking full advantage of the big brown vats of lukewarm Starbuck’s coffee. No, seriously, I will probably take the streetcar to a cafe in old town to avoid the lines. And still make it to the poster session faster. Oh, also, there will be tweets.

This year’s SFN meeting marks the 1-year anniversary of the decision to startup Functional Neurogenesis. And it feels like things are only getting started – from within the scientific community FN has gotten some great feedback for which I’m thankful. The blogosphere is a whole different story. .

And now, because I haven’t made a list in weeks, and because there will be much coverage by non-official bloggers…

These bloggers will all be at the meeting. No guarantee that they’ll actually be blogging the meeting though. Let me know in the comments or email jasonscottsnyder (gmail) if you should be on here (or not).

Functional Neurogenesis / @jsnsndr
Genetic Expressions / @geneticexpns
Blogging on the Brain (@hillaryjoy
Fresh Eyes
House of Mind / @houseofmind
Pascal’s Pensees / @Pascallisch
Neuromusings / @neurodilettante
David Deriso / @davederiso
Dormivigilia / @Beastlyvaulter
Blogging Behavior / @aechase
Stanford Neuroblog / @stanfordneuro
SFN2010 / @thekhawaja

Fumbling Towards Tenure Track / @doc_becca
Some Lies / @Tideliar
Drugmonkey / @drugmonkeyblog
Neurocritic / @sarcastic_f
Bjorn Brembs / @brembs
Neurokuz / @kuzyx
Juniorprof / @juniorprofblog
Oscillatory Thoughts / @bradleyvoytek
Ferris Jabr / @ferrisjabr
Neuron Culture / David Dobbs
Danio Reri

Twitter lists of SFN attendees:
@stanfordneuro’s list
@mocost’s list
@noahWG’s list