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A formal invitation to join the Snyder lab

dentate gyrus neuronsMy UBC Psychology page and Neuroscience links are up. Grad school application deadlines are approaching. I think it’s time to formally advertise that…


The lab’s goal is to identify the role of adult neurogenesis in memory and stress-related behaviours. We inhibit neurogenesis with transgenic animals in order to understand how they contribute to these behaviours, viral tools for labelling and modifying neurons, immunohistochemistry to quantify and characterize the neurogenesis process, and in vitro electrophysiology to understand the circuit mechanisms by which these new neurons regulate behaviour. The neurobiology of behaviour extends far beyond adult neurogenesis, however, and so we are also generally interested in how neurons throughout the dentate gyrus, hippocampus, and related structures interact to guide behaviour.

I’m excited about the science but I’m also excited about doing it in the open. Discoveries exist well before they’re printed in a journal but in most cases people don’t appreciate this, since discoveries are rarely shared as they happen. I’d like to do things a little differently and get our science out in the open. Early. To assist others and stimulate discussion. I’d like to see undergrads in my lab have have their data available online in a citable format. You don’t need a peer-reviewed publication or a graduate degree to contribute something valuable to the scientific record (and perhaps your CV).

If this sounds like the bomb:

Potential postdocs can email me (jasonsnyder@psych.ubc.ca) directly to inquire about joining the lab. External funding deadlines are approaching and would go a looong way at this point.

Potential graduate students can contact me and apply through the Psychology or Neuroscience programs. Deadlines for a September 2013 start date are December 15 and January 30, respectively. There is also a June/July deadline for starting Neuroscience graduate studies in January 2014.

Potential undergraduates that are interested can email me directly. Previous lab experience is not a prerequisite to join the lab!

The lab will officially open in January 2013 and, after setting up, will be ready for real business around summertime. Oh, and I will be at the Society for Neuroscience meeting if interested folks would like to chat in person.