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The annual most insanely huge neuroscience¬†meeting is rapidly approaching and I am pleased to announce that I will be blogging about the meeting again this year, here at Functional Neurogenesis. The meeting will be held at the Washington DC convention center, located in “China” town, which is cool because in addition to learning about neuroscience attendees will have the opportunity to also learn the Chinese characters for “Starbucks” and “TGI Fridays.” ¬†Below is a list of the “official” neurobloggers, chosen by SFN, where you can keep up with some of the most exciting neuroscience presented and discussed at the meeting. For the most part, only 1 neuroblogger was chosen per theme and so you can be sure that there wil be a lot of non-official coverage throughout Twitter and the blogosphere. For starters I would stay tuned to the official hashtag #SFN11 but also check out this list of active bloggers and tweeters that will be covering the meeting. Nature Publishing Group will also be aggregating posts at the Action Potential blog. And the bloggers are:

A: Development – Functional Neurogenesis@jsnsndr

B: Neural Excitability, Synapses, and Glia: Cellular Mechanisms – Brainteresting@brainteresting

C: Disorders of the Nervous System – Neurobytes@neurobytes @rimrk

C: Disorders of the Nervous System – Scicurious: Scientific American Scicurious: Scientopia@scicurious

D: Sensory and Motor Systems – Paula’s Piece of Mind@Paulineddra

E: Homeostatic and Neuroendocrine Systems – Dormiviglia@Beastlyvaulter (protected)

F: Cognition and Behavior – Future Dr. Science Lady@Drsciencelady

G: Novel Methods and Technology Development – Guitchounts@Guitchounts

H: History, Teaching, Public Awareness, and Societal Impacts in Neuroscience – Neuroflocks@Scipleneuro

SUN: Student Undergrad Neurobloggers – SUN@Astroglia

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  1. Hm, how come every time I click to see the list of Tweeters it just brings me to Noah’s current Twitter stream?

    1. I don’t know – it brings me to his SFN tweeter list and not his personal stream…

          1. I go to that link (copy/paste all of it), and I just get an ever-longer list — I guess it is the SfN people/tweeter. I assume it’s just ever-longer because it’s following the people, and not the actual content (hash tags). Speaking of hash tags, HIMYM has a good episode, from the latest season, on hash tags.

          1. Thanks! I was really confused. I still don’t see a tab titled “Members” but I assume this is the same as the people this list is following, aka “Following”.

            Glad to see I’m on there!

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